Can I use the resulting images for commercial purposes?

For shootings: With your shooting package you have acquired the private right of use. If you want to use your photo commercially, there is usually a surcharge. You can find more about this in my terms and conditions.


For portfolio days / workshops or photo camps: Yes, commercial use is permitted, but there are exceptions. This is regulated individually in each case.


I am happy about my attribution if you post on social media. The animal owners must always be named or linked. Make sure you have your own shooting contract with the models and a privacy policy.


When will I get my pictures from my shoot ?

About 1 to 2 days after our shooting, I will put all your images 

(reduced in size) to a picdrop ​​gallery. You then have 5 days to get in.

Peace of mind to choose your desired photos. You can also comment on pictures (e.g. "I would like this photo in portrait style or").


As soon as you have marked your selected photos as final, start

I start editing. Depending on how many photos were selected

and how complex the retouching is, this takes about 3 weeks (max. 6 weeks). The finished photos come back to the gallery so that you can

they can download.


PS: If you are not looking for any photos by the deadline, I will choose the most beautiful pics and edit them.


Do I also get the raw photos from my shooting ?

No. Unprocessed raw files remain with the author, i.e. with me.

As a customer, you will receive the finished / finished photos,

which were developed in the photo editing programs "Lightroom" and "Photoshop" and edited with great care (and very lovingly).


I have my own style of painting, which you can use when booking the order

know and wish.


Have a look at the terms and conditions.


Can I post my photos on Facebook and Instagram?

For shootings: You always get 2 versions of an image file:

A large file without my photo logo and a smaller file in web

size with my photographer's stamp. In the case of publications, the

use small file with my logo. I'm also happy about

my attribution. Merci!


For portfolio days / workshops / photocamps: Of course ! I am happy about

a link or attribution.


What to do if it is pouring rain on the selected day of the shoot?

It's no fun, least of all the horses (dogs) and the camera equipment. If it pours, it will be postponed or a solution will be sought together. This applies to customer shootings and also for portfolio days / workshops and photo camps.


I have two horses, three dogs and grandma, who is visiting from far away, also wants to be on the photo.

Is it possible?

Basically, the shooting price applies to one animal, resp. an animal with its owner. But because we don't want to disappoint Grandma, we agree in advance whether and what extra costs will be incurred.