June 2021:

The portfolio days for the "Spanish Fire III" with the Spanish Horses in Germany (near Lübeck) and with the Black Pearls (Frisians at Gut Häven in Mecklenburg-Pomerania) are in the preparatory phase and will soon be advertised.

Again June 2021:

Finally the shootings really get going. For June 20th, 21 I have a special in two ways

 or you: a) Special price EUR 199.00 including 4 images and b) a supadubba location

(near the A24 at Büchen). There are still places available. (The photo shows June 12th, we had to

however, rebooking on June 20th)

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March 2021:

That really makes me a little proud ... my interview for "A Heart for Animals". I have known this magazine for a long time (it has been around since 1983!) And now I am represented there with an interview. On 4 pages! Somebody pinch me, please!





EHfT Aprilausgabe 2021_1 3.jpeg
EHfT Aprilausgabe 2021_1 1.jpeg
EHfT Aprilausgabe 2021_1 2.jpeg
EHfT Aprilausgabe 2021_1.jpeg

January 2021:

The news is that there is no news. Unfortunately. The corona regulations keep us all firmly gripped. Actually, a snow shoot (short-term if it snows) was planned with many participants at the Icelandic horse farm Blumencron. If it actually snows now, I'll be hanging on the window with a tear and looking into the flakes. On the other hand, I am grateful that Covid-19 (so far ??) has spared me. And not just me, but my loved ones too. There is nothing like health, physically AND mentally, I know that from painful experience. So I'm just tinkering with a few YouTube videos. Do you already know my channel? No? Then click on the You-Tube button below

November 2020:

Still haven't found a suitable Christmas present? How about a voucher for a shoot or participation in a portfolio day or photo camp?














September and October 2020:

Slowly you can shoot normally again despite Corona. That's why I have this autumn promotion:


September 2019:


Now available at Amazon, Kraemer and your local bookstore:

Calender 2020 "World of Horses", - A Kind of Magic

publisher: Hipponet Company, ISBN-13:978-3947199051​

Languages: german, english, french

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