Who wants a horse photo portfolio day in the snow?


Do YOU feel addressed?? Yeah .... I can understand!


I have already read quite a few times that there will be a lot of snow in winter 2020/2021 - also here in northern Germany. "Experts consider a winter of the century to be possible", it is written.

The La Niña climatic phenomenon is supposed to ensure the white splendor in winter.


If this is true, there will be a portfolio day in the snow in January or February (depending on the snowfall) - at the Icelandic horse farm Blumencron near Hamburg!


We'll let Marina's horse roll through the deep snow. We take portraits of frozen horse beards and watch the herd romp in the white splendor. In between, we have grog or something less alcoholic to warm up.


It's going to be a great day all round.


What do you have to do now? Almost nothing. When the first flakes (really) fall and stay there, a date will be announced. It just requires some flexibility on your part.


It will definitely be a Saturday, depending on the weather, from 9:00 a.m. until sundown.


Cost excluding travel: EUR 99.00


As of November 1st, 2020: Only waiting list

canceled due to corona - restrictions