Shooting horses in a gravel pit is something special. The images get a completely different flair. I like trees, meadows and also water as a location, but if someone offers me a gravel pit, I whiz over with my camera.

Do you feel the same?  

This portfolio day is currently in planning, but will take place beginning of 2022. We will photograph different horse breeds on the dunes and also go with them to part of the sand pit, which has a Scandinavian "touch". The landscape there is sparse, rugged and beautiful. These are areas for re-naturation, they are criss-crossed with paths that hikers, riders and rock hunters can and should use.  

Price for this portfolio day: EUR 155.00

Snacks and drinks are provided.

Submission of pictures to horse owners: 2 per horse within 5 weeks

Minimum number of participants: 8 photographers (I already have pre-registrations).

Where: There are 2 gravel pits available, a decision is still to be made. One is close to the A24

from Hamburg, the other on the A7 near Rendsburg.

Will it get magical: Yes!

More information on request.  

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